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FE Exam in the Middle East

How is the scenario of FE Exam in the middle east region?

Latest updates for FE Exam

Stay updated so that you are always ahead while formulating strategy.

Calculator: A necessary Evil

Is your calculator helping you or slowing you down?

Tips to stay motivated for FE Exam

It is easy to give up. Keeping your motivated is a challenge.

About FE Exam handbook

Know more about the handbook you are allowed to use during the exam.

How to study for FE Exam

Tips and tricks for effective study for FE Exam.

Help! I don’t know anything about FE Exam

New to the concept of Professional Engineering (PE) licensure? This is a good place to start.

Avoid these distractions, pass FE Exam !

Distractions must be avoided, if you want to succeed. Here is how...

Credential Evaluation for FE Exam

Does my previous education qualify me to take FE exam?

How to read your diagnostic report?

Knowing where you fell short can improve your chances of passing FE Exam in the next attempt.

6 tips to improve your productivity

Passing FE exam requires leaving your comfort zone. These tips will definitely help you.

My teaching journey for FE Exam- Part I

How it all started and how is it going now?

Sample exams for FE

Solve some preparatory exam papers for FE Exam. Boost confidence !!

My teaching journey for FE Exam- Part II

Part II of the article series, how it all unfolded (After 2017).

Why are you failing FE Exam?

We have compiled 10 reasons why people fail.