Types of Loads

  • Define different types of loads, understand their symbols and able to convert them into equivalent point loads.

  1. Point loads-concentrated forces exerted at point or location

  2. Point Load

  3. Distributed loads-a force applied along a length or over an area. The distribution can be uniform or non-uniform.

    1. Uniformly distributed Load (UDL):

    2. UDL

    3. Triangular Load:

    4. Triangular Load

Solved Example:


U.D.L. stands for?

UDL are uniformly spread over a portion or whole area.

Correct Answer: D

Solved Example:


What are the units of U.D.L.?

Uniformly distributed loads (UDL) distribute over span the units for this kind of loads will be load per meter length i.e KN/m. It is denoted by “w”. They are generally represented as rate of load that is Kilo Newton per meter length (KN/m).

Correct Answer: A