Thevenin Theorem

  1. Understand the importance of Thevenin’s theorem.
  2. Draw Complex Network into a Thevenin’s equivalent circuit.

It is possible to reduce a complex circuit to a single voltage source and series resistance connected to a load.

  1. Find the load resistor.
  2. Remove the Load Resistance R$_L$.
  3. Calculate/measure the open circuit Thevenin’s voltage V$_{TH}$ across two open ends.
  4. Replace all active sources with their internal resistance.
  5. Calculate /measure the equivalent Thevenin’s Resistance R Across two open ends.
  6. Now, Draw the equivalent circuit for given network. This is the Equivalent Thevenin’s Circuit.

Solved Example:


Thevenin's theorem states that a given electrical network connected to a pair of terminals can be replaced with: (ISRO (VSSC) Tech Asst Electronics 2019)

Correct Answer: B