Introduction to Thermodynamic Laws

  • Understand the difference between the system and surroundings in thermodynamics.

  • Be familiar with the definitions for the types of systems.

  • Know what a boundary is and know how adiabatic and diathermal boundaries differ.

  • Understand the sign conventions used for energy in thermodynamics.

  • Discuss the three laws of thermodynamics alongwith the zeroth law.

There are four different Thermodynamic Laws.

  • The Zeroth law deals with thermal equilibrium and establishes a concept of temperature.

  • The First law throws light on concepts of internal energy. It deals with the conservation of energy and introduces the concept of internal energy.

  • The Second law indicates the limit of converting heat into work and introduces concept of increase of entropy. It provides with the guidelines on the conversion of internal energy of matter into work. It also introduces the concept of entropy.

  • The Third law introduces the absolute zero entropy or temperature.

Solved Examples

Solved Example:


Which of the following is a thermodynamics law?

Correct Answer: A