University Plan

Campus-wise access to website contents

Many universities encourage their students to take FE Exam. However, students are reluctant to take the exam because:

  • They do not know much about the necessity and benefits of the exam.
  • They lack proper everyday guidance.
  • The courses offered are too expensive.

If this is happening at your university, we recommend you the following university plan offered by

For one convenient annual payment by university, what we offer in the university plan:

  • Free website access to any number of your university students and alumni. (Their login will be created if they send us email from university email account either or
  • Access to live Revision lectures conducted every Saturday by Zoom.
  • Lecture notes emailed to participants in 24 hours.
  • Personal tutoring available to your students with highly subsidized rates (75% discount)
  • Access to magazine to clarify general doubts and to keep them motivated.
  • One sample FE Mechanical exam test and complete solutions both delivered in pdf format by email to designated university representative, so that you can administer it on campus as per your convenience.
  • 50% discount for working professionals for website access price, if they are recommended by you.