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Our Team

Prof. Prashant More

MS (Mech) MS (Finance)

He has passed FE Exam with a score of 91 in April 2001. He has about 20 years of Teaching experience in US, India and Oman. He teaches Mathematics, Probability/Statistics and Economics for all disciplines. In his spare time, he makes beautiful websites like this one.

Prof. Dr. Dada Patil

Ph. D. (Concrete Technology), M.Tech. (Civil)

Prof. Dr. Dada Patil has 20 years of teaching experience in University of Mumbai, India. His Ph.D. is in Concrete Technology. His YouTube channel can be viewed here.

Prof. Dinesh Gupta

M.Tech (Mech)

He has 10 years of teaching experience in University of Mumbai, India. He has taught Workshop and Material Technology, Manufacturing Processes. He is also a Gold Medalist Engineer, Best Selling Author and Mindset Guru. His YouTube channel can be viewed here.

Prof. Govardhan Veer

M.Tech (Computer Network and Information Security)

Technology Architect and Lead Software Developer with more than 10 years of experience. Author of books on Robotics- Semester VII (Electronics Engineering). Cisco Certified in Cybersecurity. Experienced in Python, GCP, AWS, C++11, product management.

Seeing is Believing

Latest Videos

Our videos are in High Definition and are completely ad-free. They are synchronous meaning writing is in-sync with real-time explanation.

They are typically short duration videos between 10-20 minutes explaining a specific topic or solution of a particular solved example.

Please feel free to share this video, using share link at the top-right corner of the video window, to someone you know who is preparing for FE Exam.

FE Success is the old name of ENGG.tv

Numbers Don't Lie

Serving All Disciplines

We serve Mechanical, Civil, Other, Electrical and Computer, Environmental, Chemical as well as Industrial and Systems disciplines.

We don't increase quantity at the expense of quality.

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What is your learning style? Because we have got that one covered.

If you learn mostly from worksheets, presentations....

We have detailed notes explaining formulae required for each topic.

Theses notes are strictly as per the latest syllabus. No more old editions of books and studying from outdated syllabus.

We also have more than 3500 solved examples.

The equations are beautifully rendered using MathJax library, easy on eyes, no more confusing handwritten scribbled stuff anymore.

If you learn mostly from charts, figures, diagrams and symbols.

The diagrams are simply amazing, because they are scientific.

The diagrams are rendered using tikz and circuitikz libraries in the Latex environment. The curves are accurate down to the pixels.

The videos are worth million pictures, in our case.

The videos are illustrative, to the point and arranged as per notes. No more boring voiceover, you can see the instructor live solving and writing steps. Isn't it something?

If you learn by doing the things by yourself, the hands-on approach way,

Learn things by doing them, on your own.

The solved examples can be practiced on your own, or by solving similar examples by yourself.

Take the mock tests to know where you are standing.

Engineering exams are costly. Not only you pay the examination fees, in case you don't make it, plus the time value of your efforts and lost opportunity. It makes perfect sense to take mock tests, and yes we have them.

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Track your progress

An accurate record of progress boosts your motivation.

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The state-of-the-art design helps you navigate between subjects effortlessly.

Less stress, more retention

Solutions supplemented by video solutions, watch them only when necessary.

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New content developed by our contributors is first validated among ourselves and through discussion forums.

Spaced repetition

Our extensive teaching experience reflects in the curriculum design.

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Got questions? comments? suggestions? The response is just a click away.


Services to cater broad range of requirements

Web Access

3, 6 or 12 month web access to our video library, solved examples and notes.

Individual Coaching

One-on-one tutoring to clarify your doubts and identify weaker areas.

Test Assessment

Mock tests to give you confidence before facing the actual exam.


What they are saying about us

ENGG.tv played an integral part to help me tackle the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Mechanical exam. The website includes an extensive database of questions along with video explainers for brushing off your engineering basics from school. I received immediate support and guidance to any problems, questions or concepts that I was stuck with, over an email, phone call or over video. I recommend it to anybody taking the FE exam as it played a vital part while studying for my test.

Sabrish M.

Passed FE Exam in 2017.

I am currently working in Saudi Arabia, appearing for the FE-Mechanical Exam in May 2023. Since I graduated in 2007, I have forgotten most of the formulae studied in school. Fortunately, ENGG.tv team spares no efforts explaining things in a structured manner that helps me remember the correct process of analyzing a given question. Thanks a lot !!

Amir M.

Appearing FE Exam in May 2023.


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About ENGG.tv

The contents of ENGG.tv website are created with end-user in mind. The error-free contents are created and verified by experts who have several years of teaching experience and practical hands-on experience from industries. The site is mobile-friendly, easy to navigate and advertisement-free. Our mission is to make it easy for working professionals and students to excel in competitive exams by refreshing their knowledge and by providing them guided learning opportunities.

Currently, we have 85 videos and more than 3000 solved examples, with 101 topic notes for 14 subjects for Mechanical, Civil, Chemical, Industrial, Electrical/Computer and Other discipline as defined by the NCEES. New solved examples and video explanations are added every day.

Premium registration is available if you email us at fesuccess at outlook dot com. Alternatively, you can post a request in 'FE Exam Study Resources' group on facebook. The group is administered round-the-clock for immediate response. You can follow us on Twitter @FEsuccess. (FE Success is the old name of our website.) On Instagram, follow us at @ENGG.tv.